Amy Meyer Phifer  designed a large bright-blue-and-green art studio and had it built in her tiny back yard.
​Here, she and her studio-mates create a variety of fun and practical works
— primarily in ceramics— but they also dabble in painting, metalsmithing, silk art and glass work. Amy rarely makes the same thing twice.

She is a perpetual tester and describes her work as "provisional".

Beth-Ellen Berry creates pieces designed for every-day use— from flower vases, fruit bowls, serving platters and pitchers, to succulent planters and candle holders. Her work emphasizes the richness of the clay body, the inherent qualities of the wheel-thrown form, and the natural flow of glazes across the surface. She uses subtle earth-tone colors and designs her work to be practical and sturdy for regular use in your home.  

Lisa Kowalewski works in clay, pastels, and oil paint. Her love of animals is evident in her whimsical sculptures, which depict unlikely animal situations such as yoga bears, cowboy zebras, and skateboarding cheetahs— and in imaginative wall art which depicts equally diverse nature elements. Her unique ceramic houses are based on homes in local neighborhoods where she enjoys taking long walks. Her work utilizes brightly colored underglazes with subtle conventional glazes for one-of-a-kind art that entertains.

Dannie Kinard is a fledgling potter who creates minimalist jewelry and other ceramic objects that embrace nature. Her style reflects her mellow attitude and love of the outdoors. Her recent work was influenced by her wedding trip to Scotland where she was enchanted by bucolic panoramas dabbled with wildflowers.

Rebecca Meyer advises and helps with the running of the studio. She also works with found objects and textiles and makes old furniture and objects into fun new works of art.  Her painting style brings new life to old things. 


Parrie Henderson-O’Keefe dislikes working with clay almost as much as she hates knitting— but she LOVES painting on clay since firing produces serendipitous effects that are a welcome counterpoint to the traditional paintings and mosaics she creates.  She eagerly adorns some of the wares and jewelry produced in the studio with one-of-a- kind whimsical or classically styled paintings.

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